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Best breeds of Dairy Farm Animals to aid customers increase their profit share in the market.

About Us

Providing dairy products to Indian community is a job well-performed by Dairy Product Manufacturers. Needless to say, dairy is the most steadfastly growing industry but it is solely not dairy product makers who work to grow this industry, dairy farm animals and dairy animals supplying farms, together contribute to this growing industry. Suresh Dairy Farm is a major contributor to this Dairy Industry, it has been serving since 1980 and offering Dairy Farm Animals of different milch. Dairy farm animals we deal in includes but are not limited to Haryana Sahiwal Cow, Murrah Haryana Buffalo and Indian Sahiwal Bull. Every animal is given healthy food, proper nutrition and medical facility. 10 knowledgeable and experienced employees have been hired by the company to take care of these animals in the best possible way. Mr. Suresh Kumarand and Mr. Shishpal Kumar are the two mentors of this company, who have been putting their best efforts to provide proper nutrition to farm animals and garner a huge customer base.

Our First Priority

At Suresh Dairy Farm, we believe it is our responsibility to well-take care of the animals by providing them high nutrition containing food, excellent medical care and last but not the least a good shelter where they can live and eat properly. So, for us Animal Care is our first priority because it provides satisfaction to not only us but our customers as well because well cared dairy animals tend to produce good quality and quantity milk.

How We Care Animals?

Each and every Dairy Farm Animal be it Holstein Cow, Indian Murrah Buffalo, HF Bull or any other require proper care for good health and better growth. Understanding our responsibility, we take care of cows, buffaloes and bulls in the most recommended manner. Following are the points that suggest how we care for our animals:
  • Every dairy farm animal is treated like a member of the family. This suggest animal's comfort and further adds to the chances of good milk production.
  • We provide covered shelter to the dairy farm animals along with vaccines to prevent disease which can affect their health.
  • Veterinaries visit our farm on regular basis and check the health of animals.